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Concealed Carry

I was in the FaceBook censorship, anti First Amendment jail for the last 7 days for mentioning a firearm on a facebook page where they talk about firearms, go figure,….so that makes FaceBook anti Second Amendment as well…

The good news that is now in the works, and coming down the road, is that FaceBook, Twitter, and Google have a huge lawsuit pending that just may put some real people in a real jailcell over their un-American, pro communist Chinese censorship behavior.

Prager University is challenging all three of these censorship happy entities in court. The reason some of the bigshots could end up in jail is because they have all lied under oath to Congress about not committing censorship, First Amendment violations, and it is on record and very easy to prove.

A Public Forum, (as all three claim to be) can not be held accountable for content in that forum. So, there is no reason for them to be concerned about content. They are illegally using censorship on these Public Forums. A Publisher on the other hand, can control content on their sites, but here is the rub, you cannot consider yourself both a Public Forum AND a Publisher at the same time in the Same venue, as Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all trying to do in censoring, (controlling) content.

What is at stake is nothing less than OUR First Amendment freedoms being controlled on these Public Forums by people who have their own agendas to stifle us. It is about, ALL ABOUT, Control. Let us give Prager University kudos for taking on these three giant manipulators, that badly need reigning in!

Mark Shean

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