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Concealed Carry

Did China accidentally lose control of a virus weapon before they had an antidote for themselves and before they could strategically launch it against the United States or other countries? Maybe it was strategically launched? Let’s hope it was not intentional, but information points to the fact Chinese leaders Knew for six days about it before they said anything, allowing air travel from China to go around the world in those six days……

Either way, now the damage has been done, and continues.

There needs to be real repercussions, financial, or otherwise, against Communist China when this subsides.
They are/have destroyed lives and economy’s around the world and need to be severely punished. They withheld information on this ‘outbreak’ knowingly, trying to put the Jennie back into the bottle maybe, or, again, was this intentional?

China, along with Russia and Iran, (now there is three of a kind that would beat a full house…) have unapologetically launched a propaganda campaign insinuating that the United States unleashed this Chinese virus…I hope the world knows better and puts the blame squarely on Communist China where it belongs!

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