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WHY A FLORIDA Concealed Carry Permit? (CCW) It is honored in 30+ states. See states listed below or go to my ‘States’ tab to see the states it covers.   PLEASE READ PAGE CAREFULLY FIRST:  Link to my book Gun Sense at bottom of page.

This non-resident Florida permit, good for 7 years, is recognized and honored by more than 30 states, (See list below)  it gives you more freedom to travel around our country with your handgun legally, the Full Faith and Credit clause and Second Amendment of our Constitution should already allow this. In a perfect world, I believe that you should  be able to go to any state in our U.S.A. with a legal handgun. Our citizenship does not stop at our resident state boarder, remember we also pay federal taxes 😉 , but as for now, until such a time that we will ever vote in  real representatives, I guess the Florida  multi state permit is the next best thing. FLORIDA INFO;  If you have  already taken a safety class previously and want the 36* state Florida CCW Good for 7 years. Please contact me by email,

My fee for packet and additional help, $25*Four of the states only honor it if you live in Florida.  I WILL SEND YOU ALL REQUIRED PAPERWORK with FLORIDA PACKET. FLORIDA CHECKLIST: Required, the following 5 items; { READ CAREFULLY and FOLLOW CORRECTLY}

The Utah license covers what the Florida license covers, but Florida will not honor Utah unless you live in Utah, so for people on the east coast who like to go to Florida the FL license is much better to have. There is no class if you already have a Ma. license, I need you to mail me a copy of the front and back of your license, and send me a $27.50 check, I will send you everything you need to apply for FL. including my credentials that Florida needs to see or they will not process your application.

1. A check or money order made payable to the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, (FDACS) $112  

2. A completed fingerprint card or a copy of a receipt/fingerprint scan. If you submitted a fingerprint card, the top portion of the card must include all information applicable to you; the name and address of the law enforcement agency where your fingerprints were taken must appear on the back of the card in the upper right corner; and the section titled EMPLOYER AND ADDRESS should be left blank.

3. For Initial Applications Only: A copy of any firearms training or safety course or class conducted by a state-certified instructor or by an instructor certified by the NRA, (my credentials) I will add to packet. NOTE: Do Not Send Original Documents.

4. A passport-sized photograph taken within the last 30 days.

5. A COMPLETE application that is properly SIGNED AND NOTARIZED. Please note that the processing of your application may take up to 90 days, *(I had my license 25 days after I sent in the application!) If your application is INCOMPLETE or contains errors, this will further increase the turnaround time. License good for 7 years in 31+ states, renewal is $102.    Contact me at  for address if interested, Thank you.

LICENSE TYPE  FL. non resident CCW Fingerprint Processing Fee Initial License Fee Total Renewal License Fee Revised/ Duplicate Fee
Concealed Weapon or Firearm Out of State Resident  $42   $70  $112  $102(includes $42 fingerprint processing fee)   $15
 My Fee: $27.50


Alabama   (1,3,5)
Alaska   (1)
Arizona (6)
Arkansas   (1)
Colorado  (1,4)
Idaho (3,6)
Indiana (1,3,6)
Kansas (1)
Louisiana  (1)
Michigan  (1,4)
Mississippi (1)
Montana (3)
Nebraska  (1)
New Hampshire  (1,3,4,6)
New Mexico(1)
North Carolina (1)
North Dakota (3,6)
Ohio (1)
Oklahoma (1)
Pennsylvania  (1,4,6)
South Carolina  (1,4,6)
South Dakota   (1,3)
Tennessee   (1,6)
Texas  (1,3,6)
Utah   (1,6)
Vermont (2
Virginia (1,6)
West Virginia (1)
Wyoming (1,3)
(1) While Florida’s law allows licensees to carry stun guns, knives, and billy clubs in a concealed fashion, the laws in these states allow for concealed carry of handguns or pistols ONLY, NOT WEAPONS IN GENERAL. Florida license holders are prohibited from carrying other types of weapons while in these states.              (2) The State of VERMONT does not issue weapon/firearms licenses. Florida licensees – indeed, licensed or unlicensed citizens from any state – may carry in Vermont. This presents a problem for reciprocity with Florida. Florida law provides that an out-of-state resident must have in his or her immediate possession a valid license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm. Since Vermont residents have no such license, the right to concealed carry cannot be extended to them under Florida law.
(3) Individuals qualify for concealed weapon licenses in these states upon reaching 18 years of age. HOWEVER, any licensee of these reciprocity states who is not 21 years of age or older IS PROHIBITED from carrying a concealed weapon or firearm in Florida.
(4) These states will honor the Florida concealed weapon license ONLY IF the licensee is a resident of the State of Florida.
(5) The Attorney General’s Office of the State of ALABAMA has indicated that Alabama will honor BOTH resident and non-resident Florida licenses. However, the Alabama Attorney General notes that there is some uncertainty as to the limits of Alabama’s reciprocity law as it pertains to non-resident licenses. Pending clarification by the Alabama Legislature or a decision by an Alabama court, he urges non-resident Florida license holders to exercise caution. Refer to the Alabama AG’s Web page for the latest information.
(6) These states issue concealed carry licenses to qualified individuals who are non-residents. These non-resident permits cannot be honored under Florida’s reciprocity. 
INTERSTATE TRANSPORT of FIREARMS info: NOTE:   The Federal McClure-Volkmer Act of 1986:  In a nutshell, (as I read it, not verbatim). This federal act will protect you from criminally friendly, constitutionally dysfunctional states, (12 of them, Ca. Ma. Ill. NY. NJ. etc.)  in this way: Individuals transporting a gun(s) through certain states that would otherwise view such transport as ‘illegal’, may do so under this law if the weapons are unloaded, cased and stowed in a trunk or locked vehicle compartment which is not readily accessible to the occupants. Any ammunition must also be kept separate and be locked away from the occupants and the firearms.  
Mark’s Note: (This act I believe, is to ensure the safety of any criminal(s)  intent on a felony assault of you and your loved ones in these 12 ‘constitutionally dysfunctional’ states) also (I suggest buying the ammo when you get to where your going, as there may not be enough ‘compartments’ in your vehicle to be in compliance.)  This ‘act’ is a reflection of our so-called Representative’s looking out for our safety…….?! Sure……   
ACT’ continued;   The law abiding traveler(s)  must simply be passing through the constitutionally dysfunctional state(s) and must be bound for a jurisdiction where the possession of such weapons are not considered a threat or illegal by any ‘constitutionally respectful’ state(s).  As long as the traveler(s) maintain a steady uninterrupted course through the constitutionally dysfunctional state(s) with the ‘offending’ weapons/ammo stowed in the manner described above, they will be protected from a felony assault on their inalienable  rights from the constitutionally dysfunctional state(s) that they might travel through. Prime example; New Jersey-  
MS  NOTE:  Please look on my ‘States’ tab to see list of  constitutionally dysfunctional states where the {so-called} ‘Representatives’ must consider our Constitution a road block to their ‘progressive’ agenda of rewriting history and tearing down America. Let us sweep out all the constitutionally dysfunctional trash, (incumbents) at the voting booth, we have that power, are we smart enough to use it?!
NOTE: Utah laws are quite different than Ma. laws. I taught Utah for 3 years before I let it drop. Flying out there made no sense to me every 3 years when they could have just had a web page devoted to instructors only, that kept them informed of any changes in the laws. The Utah license is no good in FL. unless you are a resident of Utah…..for New Englanders what good is that if they like going to FL.? So I started doing the FL. license instead which is good in as many states as Utah And Utah honors FL. in Utah and you don’t have to be a resident of FL. it made more sense for the east coast in my opinion.
A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government -GEORGE WASHINGTON
{Remember; Firearm Education Will Save Lives, Firearm Ignorance Can Take Lives} Ignorance of History could cost us our Freedoms.
Sincerely, Mark Shean     Sept. 14, 2010
In my opinion, gun owners who vote for any candidate(s) that are spouting ‘gun control’, would be the equivalent  of  turkeys voting in favor of Thanksgiving……… get my meaning?
Mark Shean
Your comments/insights are welcomed anytime.
Gun Control means a steady aim, (sight alignment) , good concentration, breath control, trigger control, proper and comfortable stance for the position you are in, and follow through.
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