Now that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstine’s ‘good friend’ who brought him his young underage female child victims, has been arrested, it should start to get very interesting…

There will be a lot of rich and very powerful people, politicians and other politically connected perverts who will and should be very, very nervous…

The FBI claimed in their television announcement, when they arrested Maxwell, that their main concern was justice for the victims of Epstine’s and Maxwell’s sexual abuse crimes.

I personally have the opinion, based on what happened to Epstine, that the FBI is lying. I believe their real main concern is protecting well connected and powerful people from being tied to the child abuse sexual perversion charges that could come if Maxwell lives/talks…

Epstine was set up and murdered, a month after his arrest, in his Federal prison cell, he did not commit suicide. Maxwell is now in the same Federal prison….

Lets sit back and see if the FBI allows Maxwell to ‘commit suicide’ as they fraudulently/criminally claim Epstine did…

In my opinion, the FBI is now nothing more than a criminal organization protecting their masters in high places. Show me where I’m wrong, they ‘can’t’ even tie Hillary Clinton to her blatantly obvious crimes…sure.

Mark Shean

Some phrase’s of the past that meant something once upon a time;

Equal Justice Under the Law

Lady Justice is Blind

Follow the Law to it’s Ultimate Conclusion

Now all only quaint ‘catch phrases’ of the past.

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