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The age old argument about the size of the handgun ammo you think you need to stop a threat, I see this bouncing around all over the internet…….

I could drop you with a .22 and wound you with a .45, its about shot placement. Would I rather carry a larger round ? Yes. But people get all hung up on the size of the round when in the end it boils down to placement and skill under stress, no small consideration.

And the tool at hand in the time of need, is the tool you need indeed. Amen.

Mark Shean Sr., Author of GUN SENSE, on Amazon.

I was in the FaceBook censorship, anti First Amendment jail for the last 7 days for mentioning a firearm on a facebook page where they talk about firearms, go figure,….so that makes FaceBook anti Second Amendment as well…

The good news that is now in the works, and coming down the road, is that FaceBook, Twitter, and Google have a huge lawsuit pending that just may put some real people in a real jailcell over their un-American, pro communist Chinese censorship behavior.

Prager University is challenging all three of these censorship happy entities in court. The reason some of the bigshots could end up in jail is because they have all lied under oath to Congress about not committing censorship, First Amendment violations, and it is on record and very easy to prove.

A Public Forum, (as all three claim to be) can not be held accountable for content in that forum. So, there is no reason for them to be concerned about content. They are illegally using censorship on these Public Forums. A Publisher on the other hand, can control content on their sites, but here is the rub, you cannot consider yourself both a Public Forum AND a Publisher at the same time in the Same venue, as Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all trying to do in censoring, (controlling) content.

What is at stake is nothing less than OUR First Amendment freedoms being controlled on these Public Forums by people who have their own agendas to stifle us. It is about, ALL ABOUT, Control. Let us give Prager University kudos for taking on these three giant manipulators, that badly need reigning in!

Mark Shean

I believe that Communist China accidentally lost control of their virus weapon before they had an antidote for themselves and before they could strategically launch it against the United States.

There needs to be real repercussions, financial or otherwise against Communist China when this subsides.

They are destroying lives and economy’s around the world and need to be severely punished. They withheld this manufactured ‘outbreak’ knowingly for at least two months or more trying to put the Jennie back into the bottle.

Communist China, out of necessity for worldwide stability, has to be held accountable by the World community for the chaos is has foolishly unleashed.

Mark Shean, submitted 3-15-2020

Interview in December 2019 with Charlie, of ‘Riding Shotgun with Charlie’, he does interviews all over the country with gun rights/Second Amendment advocates.

(A little Halloween fun)

A little information before the story, St. Froid lake in Maine is nine miles long, a mile wide in some places surrounded by good sized hills. The echo on a still night is really good, with almost a ten second delay. I knew this well, I had been going to this camp my grandfather built since I was very little.
Now the short spooky story.
One fall, 30 years ago I brought my son and his friend to the camp, they were 8 and 10, it is quite secluded with a four mile ride into the woods on gated dirt roads to the camp on the edge and at the end of St. Froid Lake, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, (outhouse) propane lights and candles only.
We were having a good time doing things around the camp and lake. The sun was fading into the west, the shadows were getting longer. I asked the boys if they wanted to toast some marshmallows after dinner, of course, what child would say no to that?
As the twilight became more pronounced and the stars started twinkling on the mirrored surface of a very still lake……..I asked the boys if they had ever heard the story of the Yeti that came to terrorize these parts years ago? Of course they hadn’t, I said the story was like this as told to me as a boy:
A long time ago, from out of the north, came a demon of the big woods, no one knew why it came, but when it did it rampaged through the region causing death and destruction everywhere, camps were torn apart, people went missing never to be seen again, terror reigned supreme though the lake campgrounds!! No one who saw this demon lived to tell the tale, only the bloody claw marks on ripped apart log cabins and shredded clothing strewn about and huge footprints in the dirt bore witness to the what had savagely passed through the region….
The boys listened intently. That was many years ago I said, before my grandfather was born, no one knew why it came, and no one knew why it departed, some say it wanted revenge on people for encroaching into its domain. I was told as a boy that it would let out an awful scream in the night, and people would know an evil terror was coming!!
I think I can give a scream kind of like it if you want me to try I said to the boys, they nervously agreed that I try. (they did not know of the delayed echo of the lake) So I let out a blood curdling scream then casually said that’s probably what the Yeti sounded like….
Suddenly, from the dark distant wooded hills, and seemingly from all around came a terrorizing reply!!! I said OH NO! ITS BACK!! IT ANSWERED ME!!! IT’S RETURNING!!
Well you can imagine the total dread that came over the boys, they wanted to pack up right then and there and go home NOW!!
It took me thirty minutes to calm them down and explain the echo, they were mad at me for a couple days before they started to think it was a good camp fire tale. Beware the returning Yeti bent on destruction o’ people of the North Maine Woods! Mark Shean, 10-27-19, author of GUN SENSE, on Amazon.

I was going to turn my gun into the government, but I decided to do a background check on the ones that want my guns, I discovered that they were all mentally unstable, so I guess I will keep it in sane hands after all, mine.

Mark Shean, author of GUN SENSE, on Amazon,

Until 2018, Massachusetts prohibited anyone who wasn’t a law enforcement officer from having a stun gun—any type of weapon or portable device that uses an electrical current to incapacitate someone temporarily. After that total ban was struck down as unconstitutional, the state changed its laws to include stun guns in the legal definition of a firearm. That means that Massachusetts residents who want stun guns must meet the state’s licensing and other requirements for gun possession and use.

Stun Guns: From Ban to Regulations

Massachusetts law treats all stun guns alike, whether they deliver an electric shock on direct contact or shoot darts attached to wires that carry an electrical charge (like Tasers, a brand name commonly used for this kind of pistol-type device). Previously, the state limited the use of stun guns to law enforcement officers. In 2018, however, the state’s highest court found that the absolute ban on civilian possession of these weapons, even in one’s own home, violated the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms. (Ramirez v. Commonwealth, 94 N.E.3d 809 (Sup. Jud. Ct. Mass 2018).)

Soon after that decision, Massachusetts amended its laws to get rid of the ban but to require regulations restricting the use of stun guns by anyone without a license. Civilians in the state may buy and carry a stun gun if they have license to carry firearms, as long as the electronic device is in a shape that resembles a gun. That explicitly rules out “covert” electronic weapons that resemble other objects like pens. (Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 140, §§ 121, 131, 131J (2019).)

Restrictions on Stun Gun Licenses

As with other types of firearms, Massachusetts law prohibits certain people from getting licenses for stun guns, including those who:

  • are under 21
  • have been convicted of a felony, violent crime, weapons violation, or domestic violence
  • are subject to domestic violence protection order, or
  • are subject to an “extreme risk protection order ” (ERPO) which prohibits gun possession by those who pose a risk of injuring themselves or others with firearms.

Because of these restrictions, you’ll have to undergo a background check before getting a license for a stun gun. If you’re served with an ERPO, you must also surrender your license, along with any stun gun in your possession or control” (Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 140, §§ 131, 131s (2019).)

Proper Storage of Stun Guns

Also in response to the Ramirez decision, Massachusetts added a law that requires storing any stun gun in a locked container that can only be opened by the owner or someone else who’s legally authorized to use the weapon (Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 140, § 131L (2019)).

No Stun Guns in Airports or Planes

It’s illegal to enter to or try to enter a secure area of an airport or plane cabin with a stun gun, even if you have a firearms license (Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 269, § 12F (2019)).

Submitted By Mark Shean, author of Gun Sense, at Amazon

About Me:
I am originally from the state of Maine, the gun culture is opposite,(as far as respect for a persons Second Amendment rights) from Ma. were we live now. I am a MA. State Basic Firearms Safety Course Instructor since 1999, Former NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, NRA instructor in six other disciplines.
The only published Firearm Instructor in Ma. GUN SENSE rated #1 on Amazon.

A Nuclear Security Officer at Pilgrim Station since 1987 to present, as well as a former Security President of Local 540 SPFPA. I have been a Merchant Marine, a painting contractor, a mason, a ditch digger, a water mechanic, and co-business owner LLC, entrepreneur/inventor (pat. pending) on a shotgun part for the KSG. Installed many a foundation pump by hand, did my share of work in the woods, rode dirt/street bikes, have been involved in the organized shooting sports since 1963, have a current technician class HAM radio operator license. I like to hunt when I can find a couple of spare minutes.

My blogs consist of words from the Founding Fathers, past and present letters to the editor, also my ‘Gun Sense’ series,(50 and counting). My writing style is my own. I lacked money to attend an overpriced left wing indoctrination center, oops, I mean college, and would only have given the ‘progressive’ professors migraine’s had I been able to attend one. I am just one of the unwashed masses, and of no real concern to the ‘lefty’ lame stream media.

What It Means To Be an American To Me -blog post

In my view, the Constitution is not open to ‘interpretation’, it is a static document. The Constitution is only as strong as the current generation is to uphold and protect it, so protect it! If people want to keep their rights they must Be Strong, Be Proactive, Be Aware, Pay Attention, hold your elected servants feet to the fire! Remember, WE give them permission to work for US, and when they fail to represent US it is OUR duty to remove them from office to protect the continuance of OUR freedoms! Your children’s children should enjoy the same freedoms past generations, (you & I) have enjoyed, its up to US to ensure they do.

NRA and Relevance -blog post

America was founded as a Republic, the Founders were adamant about that, lest we forget. If we do forget, we are lost. Do you understand the difference? If not please read;

Is America a Democracy? Clearly no! page 1 of 2 + Republic versus Democracy, made clear, page 2 -blog posts

Socialists/Progressive’s don’t want our children to know what the Founders of this nation knew. Left wing run schools, (indoctrination centers) are ‘reinventing‘ history and feeding lies to our children as ‘fact’….its up to US to teach them!

Make America Great Again!! Go Mr. President Trump!!!

What do you think of any politicians that do not uphold the solemn oath to office that they are required to take in order to serve you? You know, that silly embarrassing little formality, the oath they swear on the HOLY Bible too, the one about upholding and defending the Constitution, and adhering to the entire Constitution. OH,,, THAT OATH!! My generous side says they should all be recalled, my vindictive side says they should all be tried for treason, impeached and/or imprisoned. Either way they should be gone! Breaking their oath, under existing law/tradition is high treason. The problem is, they are the ‘fox’ guarding the ‘hen house’ in a manner of speaking. Term limits implemented by you in the voting booth will cure this chronic problem that is dangerous to our freedoms!

As I saw it & see it still -blog post

Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide” John Adams

{Firearm Education Will Save Lives, Firearm Ignorance Can End Lives}. Ignorance of history can end our Freedoms.

“Whenever the time shall come when we must choose between a loss of our constitutional rights and a revolution, I shall choose the latter”.SAM HOUSTON-

Disarmament based on the acts of criminals, the mentally ill, or Muslims, is not acceptable.

“But to ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the innocent and law-abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless, and that the law will permit them to have only such rights and liberties as the lawless will allow.
For society does not control crime, ever, by forcing the law-abiding to accommodate themselves to the expected behavior of criminals.
Society controls crime by forcing the criminals to accommodate themselves to the expected behavior of the law-abiding.”
Jeff Snyder

Any “Gun Free Zone” sign shows what, ( ’progressive’ ) liberal oath breaking politicians and the U.N. would love to do to our entire country. They would put us all at the mercy of criminals and corrupt government as a by-product of their self-serving anti-Constitution schemes, they are trying too now. Do Not Turn A Blind Eye To It ! Let them know that it runs contrary to the oath they took, and it will be political suicide should they push their luck by trying.

To me it seems absurd that we should worry about elected ‘Representatives’ in this light, but their actions show we need to watch them closely. Please, talk to your children about their rights, ( liberal left wing teachers will not tell them) you need to, that they may carry on the fight for their rights someday, this fight never ends.

Children,Their Future Rights,Are We Overlooking Them? -blog post.

Mark Shean Sr. author of Gun Sense, now #1 on Amazon.

Read more:
Ammoland on Facebook

Instructor Releases Massachusetts Firearm Safety Book, “Gun Sense”

Ammoland Inc. Posted on June 28, 2019 by Ammoland

Gun Sense - Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety
Gun Sense – Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety

Plymouth, Massachusetts – -( When Plymouth local Mark Shean started training people on firearms safety in Massachusetts, he saw a void in materials to help guide his students. It was over 10 years ago that he started his blog Gun Sense. Today, Mark is happy to announce the compilation & release of his articles into one comprehensive guide, “Gun Sense – Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety“.

Gun Sense” is a book for everyone. The primary focus is safety. Shean takes readers on a journey through basic firearms safety, gun handling & Massachusetts specific subjects. More importantly, Shean talks about what to teach your children about firearms…how to do it & when. In an entertaining & easy to follow narrative Shean teaches the important lessons needed to keep accidents from happening. The biggest lesson he imparts is that individuals engage their brains. From the book Shean offers sage instruction:

“Now I am going to let you in on a secret; YOU are any firearms best safety. YOU are the master safety, you can NEVER trust a manmade safety on ANY firearm… do not think for a second that it gives you license to carelessly handle that firearm! Remember that #1 rule, TREAT EVERY FIREARM AS LOADED AT ALL TIMES…That has to be our mindset. Weapons’ safety is everyone’s responsibility, especially yours. Practice safe weapons’ handling until it becomes a habit.”

Other topics that are covered in “Gun Sense” include:

  • How to obtain a Massachusetts Class A or B License to Carry (LTC)
  • How to obtain a Massachusetts Class C Firearms Identification Card (FID)
  • If you need a “Reason” letter to get your firearms permit, how to write one…
  • How to write a recommendation for a colleague or friend
  • How to deal with firearms in an inheritance
  • Massachusetts Gun Law in general
  • Op-eds on rights and politics
  • And much much more….

The kindle version of the book is extensively cited with links internally and externally to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140, Code of Massachusetts Regulations 527 chapter 1 and other articles/resources for the reader to enjoy or gain a greater understanding. The paperback version contains the text version of links to direct readers should the wish to take their reading further on an internet-enabled device.

Gun Sense” is available in both e-book & paperback form on Amazon. You can find it by searching “Mark Shean Sr. Gun Sense” or by following this link.