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You are an American that believes in GOD, Freedom, the Constitution, or you are not. Politicians have put it squarely in our faces that they are not. They are in it for themselves and their globalist handlers at our expense, the Constitution is their roadblock, the criminal political class and many others are now conspiring to shred it!!!

This election was taken/stolen from the American people, Marxist politicians from both sides of the aisle, unelected government employees, traitorous military leadership, the big tech giants, media moguls with their useful idiot propagandists, foreign actors from all around the world participating in this criminal theft of the voice of We the People!

Those who swear an oath to defend this country from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC have become Traitors to that sacred oath! China Biden is not anyone’s president, he is a thief!

President Trump is our rightful President! We all know it, and they fear the FACT that we ALL know it!! This is not forgotten, this is NOT going ‘away’!!

How could two or three cups of coffee a day keep you from a gun related felony charge?

They couldn’t.

But a $10 Kindle copy of GUN SENSE, found on Amazon could.

Mark Shean Sr.

This so-called ‘BILL’ being submitted in the House of ‘zero’ representation, is what I have always said about dictator wannabes. Any dictator throughout history, worth his weight in lies, has always disarmed the population first with dire threats. This ‘BILL’ is chock full of dire threats to all gun owners in America. The last few pages of this so-called ‘BILL’ will absolutely astound you.

Never comply, or you will be at the utter mercy of these tyrants who are now giddy with their newly found illegitimate ‘power’ to shred our Constitution.

If this ‘BILL H.R. 127’ gets to the illegitimate criminal imposter now occupying the White House, he will gleefully sign it. In their power lust, they have no idea the push back this will start…..

Representatives have the permission of the People to govern and do not talk to their constituents threateningly, but tyrants will talk menacingly to who they consider to be subjects….This BILL H.R. 127 is a prime example of this dangerous mindset in Congress now after a fraudulent election… They think they are all ‘rulers’ now.

To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the
registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.
JANUARY 4, 2021
Ms. JACKSON LEE introduced the following bill; which was referred to the
Committee on the Judiciary
To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit
the possession of certain ammunition.
1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
4 This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Sabika Sheikh Firearm
5 Licensing and Registration Act’’.
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 (1) IN GENERAL.—Chapter 44 of title 18,
2 United States Code, is amended by adding at the
3 end the following:
4 ‘‘§ 932. Licensing of firearm and ammunition posses5 sion; registration of firearms
6 ‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—The Attorney General, through
7 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,
8 shall establish a system for licensing the possession of fire9 arms or ammunition in the United States, and for the reg10 istration with the Bureau of each firearm present in the
11 United States.
13 ‘‘(1) REQUIRED INFORMATION.—Under the
14 firearm registration system, the owner of a firearm
15 shall transmit to the Bureau—
16 ‘‘(A) the make, model, and serial number
17 of the firearm, the identity of the owner of the
18 firearm, the date the firearm was acquired by
19 the owner, and where the firearm is or will be
20 stored; and
21 ‘‘(B) a notice specifying the identity of any
22 person to whom, and any period of time during
23 which, the firearm will be loaned to the person.
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 ‘‘(2) DEADLINE FOR SUPPLYING INFORMA2 TION.—The transmission required by paragraph (1)
3 shall be made—
4 ‘‘(A) in the case of a firearm acquired be5 fore the effective date of this section, within 3
6 months after the effective date of this section;
7 or
8 ‘‘(B) in the case of a firearm acquired on
9 or after the effective date, on the date the
10 owner acquires the firearm.
11 ‘‘(3) DATABASE.—
12 ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—The Attorney General
13 shall establish and maintain a database of all
14 firearms registered pursuant to this subsection.
15 ‘‘(B) ACCESS.—The Attorney General shall
16 make the contents of the database accessible to
17 all members of the public, all Federal, State,
18 and local law enforcement authorities, all
19 branches of the United States Armed Forces,
20 and all State and local governments, as defined
21 by the Bureau.
24 ‘‘(A) GENERAL LICENSE.—Except as oth25 erwise provided in this subsection, the Attorney
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00003 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 General shall issue to an individual a license to
2 possess a firearm and ammunition if the indi3 vidual—
4 ‘‘(i) has attained 21 years of age;
5 ‘‘(ii) after applying for the license—
6 ‘‘(I) undergoes a criminal back7 ground check conducted by the na8 tional instant criminal background
9 check system established under sec10 tion 103 of the Brady Handgun Vio11 lence Prevention Act, and the check
12 does not indicate that possession of a
13 firearm by the individual would violate
14 subsection (g) or (n) of section 922 or
15 State law;
16 ‘‘(II) undergoes a psychological
17 evaluation conducted in accordance
18 with paragraph (2), and the evalua19 tion does not indicate that the indi20 vidual is psychologically unsuited to
21 possess a firearm; and
22 ‘‘(III) successfully completes a
23 training course, certified by the Attor24 ney General, in the use, safety, and
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00004 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 storage of firearms, that includes at
2 least 24 hours of training; and
3 ‘‘(iii) demonstrates that, on issuance
4 of the license, the individual will have in
5 effect an insurance policy issued under
6 subsection (d).
7 ‘‘(B) ANTIQUE FIREARM DISPLAY LI8 CENSE.—The Attorney General shall issue to
9 an individual a license to display an antique
10 firearm in a residence of the individual if the
11 individual—
12 ‘‘(i) is the holder of a license issued
13 under subparagraph (A);
14 ‘‘(ii) supplies proof that the individual
15 owns an antique firearm;
16 ‘‘(iii) describes the manner in which
17 the firearm will be displayed in accordance
18 with regulations prescribed by the Attorney
19 General, and certifies that the firearm will
20 be so displayed; and
21 ‘‘(iv) demonstrates that the individual
22 has provided for storage of the firearm in
23 a safe or facility approved by the Attorney
24 General for the storage of firearms.
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00005 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 ‘‘(C) MILITARY-STYLE WEAPONS LI2 CENSE.—The Attorney General shall issue to
3 an individual a license to own and possess a
4 military-style weapon if the individual—
5 ‘‘(i) is the holder of a license issued
6 under subparagraph (A); and
7 ‘‘(ii) after applying for a license under
8 this subparagraph, successfully completes a
9 training course, certified by the Attorney
10 General, in the use, safety, and storage of
11 the weapon, that includes at least 24 hours
12 of training and live fire training.
13 ‘‘(2) PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION.—A psycho14 logical evaluation is conducted in accordance with
15 this paragraph if—
16 ‘‘(A) the evaluation is conducted in compli17 ance with such standards as shall be established
18 by the Attorney General;
19 ‘‘(B) the evaluation is conducted by a li20 censed psychologist approved by the Attorney
21 General;
22 ‘‘(C) as deemed necessary by the licensed
23 psychologist involved, the evaluation included a
24 psychological evaluation of other members of
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00006 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 the household in which the individual resides;
2 and
3 ‘‘(D) as part of the psychological evalua4 tion, the licensed psychologist interviewed any
5 spouse of the individual, any former spouse of
6 the individual, and at least 2 other persons who
7 are a member of the family of, or an associate
8 of, the individual to further determine the state
9 of the mental, emotional, and relational stability
10 of the individual in relation to firearms.
12 ‘‘(A) REQUIRED.—The Attorney General
13 shall deny such a license to an individual if—
14 ‘‘(i) the individual is prohibited by
15 Federal law from possessing a firearm; or
16 ‘‘(ii) the individual has been hospital17 ized—
18 ‘‘(I) with a mental illness, dis19 turbance, or diagnosis (including de20 pression, homicidal ideation, suicidal
21 ideation, attempted suicide, or addic22 tion to a controlled substance (within
23 the meaning of the Controlled Sub24 stances Act) or alcohol), or a brain
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00007 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 disease (including dementia or Alz2 heimer’s); or
3 ‘‘(II) on account of conduct that
4 endangers self or others.
5 ‘‘(B) AUTHORIZED.—The Attorney Gen6 eral may deny such a license to an individual
7 if—
8 ‘‘(i) the psychological evaluation re9 ferred to in paragraph (2) indicates that
10 the individual—
11 ‘‘(I) has a chronic mental illness
12 or disturbance, or a brain disease, re13 ferred to in subparagraph (A)(ii)(I);
14 ‘‘(II) is addicted to a controlled
15 substance (within the meaning of the
16 Controlled Substances Act) or alcohol;
17 or
18 ‘‘(III) has attempted to commit
19 suicide; or
20 ‘‘(ii) prior psychological treatment or
21 evaluation of the individual indicated that
22 the individual engaged in conduct that
23 posed a danger to self or others.
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00008 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—A license issued under
2 this subsection to an individual who is under in3 dictment for a crime punishable by imprison4 ment for a term exceeding 1 year is hereby sus5 pended.
7 INSURANCE.—The Attorney General may sus8 pend a license issued under this subsection to
9 an individual who has violated section 922(dd)
10 in the most recent 12-month period.
11 ‘‘(5) REVOCATION OF LICENSE.—A license
12 issued under this subsection to an individual who is
13 or becomes prohibited by Federal or State law from
14 possessing a firearm is hereby revoked. Such an in15 dividual shall immediately return the license, and
16 surrender all firearms and ammunition owned or
17 possessed by the individual, to the Attorney General.
18 ‘‘(6) EXPIRATION OF LICENSE.—A license
19 issued to an individual under this subsection shall
20 expire—
21 ‘‘(A) in the case of a license that has been
22 in effect for less than 5 years, 1 year after
23 issuance or renewal, as the case may be; or
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00009 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 ‘‘(B) in the case of a license that has been
2 in effect for at least 5 years, 3 years after the
3 most recent date the license is renewed.
4 ‘‘(7) RENEWAL OF LICENSE.—The Attorney
5 General shall renew a license issued to an individual
6 under this subsection if the individual—
7 ‘‘(A) requests the renewal by the end of
8 the 60-day period that begins with the date the
9 license expires;
10 ‘‘(B) in the 3-year period ending with the
11 date the renewal is requested—
12 ‘‘(i) has met the requirement of para13 graph (1)(A)(ii)(II); and
14 ‘‘(ii) has successfully completed a
15 training course, certified by the Attorney
16 General, in the use, safety, and storage of
17 firearms, that includes at least 8 hours of
18 training;
19 ‘‘(C) meets the requirement of paragraph
20 (1)(A)(iii); and
21 ‘‘(D) in the case of a license issued under
22 paragraph (1)(C), in the 2-year period ending
23 with the date the renewal is requested, has suc24 cessfully completed a training course, certified
25 by the Attorney General, that includes at least
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00010 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 8 hours of training in the use of the weapon
2 subject to the license.
4 ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—The Attorney General shall
5 issue to any person who has applied for a license
6 pursuant to subsection (c) and has paid to the At7 torney General the fee specified in paragraph (2) of
8 this subsection a policy that insures the person
9 against liability for losses and damages resulting
10 from the use of any firearm by the person during
11 the 1-year period that begins with the date the pol12 icy is issued.
13 ‘‘(2) FEE.—The fee specified in this paragraph
14 is $800.’’.
15 (2) MILITARY-STYLE WEAPON DEFINED.—Sec16 tion 921(a) of such title is amended by inserting
17 after paragraph (29) the following:
18 ‘‘(30) The term ‘military-style weapon’ means—
19 ‘‘(A) any of the firearms, or copies or duplicates
20 of the firearms in any caliber, known as—
21 ‘‘(i) Norinco, Mitchell, and Poly Tech22 nologies Avtomat Kalashnikovs (all models);
23 ‘‘(ii) Action Arms Israeli Military Indus24 tries UZI and Galil;
25 ‘‘(iii) Beretta Ar70 (SC–70);
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00011 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 ‘‘(iv) Colt AR–15;
2 ‘‘(v) Fabrique National FN/FAL, FN/
3 LAR, and FNC;
4 ‘‘(vi) SWD M–10, M–11, M–11/9, and M–
5 12;
6 ‘‘(vii) Steyr AUG;
7 ‘‘(viii) INTRATEC TEC–9, TEC–DC9
8 and TEC–22; and
9 ‘‘(ix) revolving cylinder shotguns, such as
10 (or similar to) the Street Sweeper and Striker
11 12;
12 ‘‘(B) a semiautomatic rifle that has an ability
13 to accept a detachable magazine and has at least 2
14 of—
15 ‘‘(i) a folding or telescoping stock;
16 ‘‘(ii) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicu17 ously beneath the action of the weapon;
18 ‘‘(iii) a bayonet mount;
19 ‘‘(iv) a flash suppressor or threaded barrel
20 designed to accommodate a flash suppressor;
21 and
22 ‘‘(v) a grenade launcher;
23 ‘‘(C) a semiautomatic pistol that has an ability
24 to accept a detachable magazine and has at least 2
25 of—
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00012 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 ‘‘(i) an ammunition magazine that attaches
2 to the pistol outside of the pistol grip;
3 ‘‘(ii) a threaded barrel capable of accepting
4 a barrel extender, flash suppressor, forward
5 handgrip, or silencer;
6 ‘‘(iii) a shroud that is attached to, or par7 tially or completely encircles, the barrel and
8 that permits the shooter to hold the firearm
9 with the nontrigger hand without being burned;
10 ‘‘(iv) a manufactured weight of 50 ounces
11 or more when the pistol is unloaded; and
12 ‘‘(v) a semiautomatic version of an auto13 matic firearm; and
14 ‘‘(D) a semiautomatic shotgun that has at least
15 2 of—
16 ‘‘(i) a folding or telescoping stock;
17 ‘‘(ii) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicu18 ously beneath the action of the weapon;
19 ‘‘(iii) a fixed magazine capacity in excess
20 of 5 rounds; and
21 ‘‘(iv) an ability to accept a detachable
22 magazine.’’.
23 (3) CLERICAL AMENDMENT.—The table of sec24 tions for such chapter is amended by adding at the
25 end the following:
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00013 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
‘‘932. Licensing of firearm and ammunition possession; registration of firearms.’’.
2 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act,
3 the Attorney General shall prescribe final regula4 tions to implement the amendments made by this
5 subsection.
7 (1) PROHIBITIONS.—Section 922 of such title is
8 amended by adding at the end the following:
9 ‘‘(aa) It shall be unlawful for a person to possess a
10 firearm or ammunition, unless—
11 ‘‘(1) the person is carrying a valid license
12 issued under section 932(c)(1); and
13 ‘‘(2)(A) in the case of a firearm owned by the
14 person, the firearm is registered to the person under
15 section 932(b); or
16 ‘‘(B) in the case of a firearm owned by another
17 person—
18 ‘‘(i) the firearm is so registered to such
19 other person; and
20 ‘‘(ii) such other person has notified the At21 torney General that the firearm has been loaned
22 to the person, and the possession is during the
23 loan period specified in the notice.
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00014 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 ‘‘(bb)(1) It shall be unlawful for a person to transfer
2 a firearm or ammunition to a person who is not licensed
3 under section 932(c)(1).
4 ‘‘(2) It shall be unlawful for a person to sell or give
5 a firearm or ammunition to another person unless the per6 son has notified the Attorney General of the sale or gift.
7 ‘‘(3) It shall be unlawful for a person to loan a fire8 arm or ammunition to another person unless the person
9 has notified the Attorney General of the loan, including
10 the identity of such other person and the period for which
11 the loan is made.
12 ‘‘(4) It shall be unlawful for a person holding a valid
13 license issued under section 932(c)(1) to transfer a fire14 arm to an individual who has not attained 18 years of
15 age.
16 ‘‘(cc) A person who possesses a firearm or to whom
17 a license is issued under section 932(c)(1) shall have in
18 effect an insurance policy issued under section 932(d).’’.
19 (2) PENALTIES.—Section 924(a) of such title is
20 amended by adding at the end the following:
21 ‘‘(8) Whoever knowingly violates section 922(aa)
22 shall be fined not less than $75,000 and not more than
23 $150,000, imprisoned not less than 15 years and not more
24 than 25 years, or both.
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00015 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 ‘‘(9)(A) Whoever knowingly violates section
2 922(bb)(1) shall be fined not less than $50,000 and not
3 more than $75,000, imprisoned not less than 10 years and
4 not more than 15 years, or both.
5 ‘‘(B) Whoever knowingly violates section 922(bb)(2)
6 shall be fined not less than $30,000 and not more than
7 $50,000, imprisoned not less than 5 years and not more
8 than 10 years, or both.
9 ‘‘(C) Whoever knowingly violates section 922(bb)(3)
10 shall be fined not less than $5,000 and not more than
11 $10,000.
12 ‘‘(D) Whoever knowingly violates section 922(bb)(4)
13 shall be fined not less than $75,000 and not more than
14 $100,000, imprisoned not less than 15 years and not more
15 than 25 years, or both, except that if the transferee of
16 the firearm possess or uses the firearm during or in rela17 tion to a crime, an unintentional shooting, or suicide, the
18 transferor shall be fined not less than $100,000 and not
19 more than $150,000, imprisoned not less than 25 years
20 and not more than 40 years, or both.
21 ‘‘(10) Whoever knowingly violates section 922(cc)
22 shall be fined not less than $50,000 and not more than
23 $100,000, imprisoned not less than 10 years and not more
24 than 20 years, or both.’’.
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00016 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
4 title is amended by striking the 2nd sentence.
7 Section 925(a) of such title is amended in each
8 of paragraphs (1) and (2), by inserting ‘‘and
9 except for section 932,’’ after the 2nd comma.
10 (4) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The amendments made
11 by this subsection shall take effect on the date final
12 regulations are prescribed under subsection (a)(4).
15 (a) IN GENERAL.—Section 922 of title 18, United
16 States Code, as amended by section 2 of this Act, is
17 amended by adding at the end the following:
18 ‘‘(dd)(1) It shall be unlawful for any person to pos19 sess ammunition that is 0.50 caliber or greater.
20 ‘‘(2)(A) It shall be unlawful for any person to possess
21 a large capacity ammunition feeding device.
22 ‘‘(B) Subparagraph (A) shall not apply to—
23 ‘‘(i) the manufacture for, or possession by, the
24 United States or a department or agency of the
25 United States or a State or a department, agency,
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00017 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 or political subdivision of a State, or the possession
2 by a law enforcement officer employed by such an
3 entity for purposes of law enforcement (whether on
4 or off duty);
5 ‘‘(ii) the possession by an employee or con6 tractor of a licensee under title I of the Atomic En7 ergy Act of 1954 on-site for purposes of establishing
8 and maintaining an on-site physical protection sys9 tem and security organization required by Federal
10 law, or off-site for purposes of licensee-authorized
11 training or transportation of nuclear materials;
12 ‘‘(iii) the manufacture or possession by a li13 censed manufacturer or licensed importer for the
14 purposes of testing or experimentation authorized by
15 the Attorney General; or
16 ‘‘(iv) the manufacture for, or possession by, an
17 organization that provides firearm training and that
18 is registered with the Attorney General, or the pos19 session by an individual to whom such an organiza20 tion is providing firearm training during and at the
21 location of the training.’’.
22 (b) LARGE CAPACITY AMMUNITION FEEDING DE23 VICE DEFINED.—Section 921(a) of such title, as amended
24 by section 1 of this Act, is amended by inserting after
25 paragraph (30) the following:
VerDate Sep 11 2014 18:09 Jan 27, 2021 Jkt 019200 PO 00000 Frm 00018 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H127.IH H127
pamtmann on DSKBC07HB2PROD with BILLS
•HR 127 IH
1 ‘‘(31) The term ‘large capacity ammunition feeding
2 device’ means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or simi3 lar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily
4 restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of
5 ammunition, but does not include an attached tubular de6 vice designed to accept, and capable of operating only
7 with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.’’.
8 (c) PENALTIES.—Section 924(a) of such title, as
9 amended by section 2 of this Act, is amended by adding
10 at the end the following:
11 ‘‘(11)(A) Whoever knowingly violates section
12 922(dd)(1) shall be fined not less than $50,000 and not
13 more than $100,000, imprisoned not less than 10 years
14 and not more than 20 years, or both.
15 ‘‘(B) Whoever knowingly violates section 922(dd)(2)
16 shall be fined not less than $10,000 and not more than
17 $25,000, imprisoned not less than 1 year and not more
18 than 5 years, or both.’’

“ A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government“ -GEORGE WASHINGTON–

“Whenever the time shall come when we must choose between a loss of our constitutional rights and a revolution, I shall choose the latter”.  -SAM HOUSTON-

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Instructor Releases Massachusetts Firearm Safety Book, “Gun Sense”

Ammoland Inc. Posted on  by F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Gun Sense - Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety
Gun Sense – Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety

Plymouth, Massachusetts – -( When Plymouth local Mark Shean started training people on firearms safety in Massachusetts, he saw a void in materials to help guide his students. It was over 10 years ago that he started his blog Gun Sense. Today, Mark is happy to announce the compilation & release of his articles into one comprehensive guide, “Gun Sense – Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety“.

“Gun Sense” is a book for everyone. The primary focus is safety. Shean takes readers on a journey through basic firearms safety, gun handling & Massachusetts specific subjects. More importantly, Shean talks about what to teach your children about firearms…how to do it & when. In an entertaining & easy to follow narrative Shean teaches the important lessons needed to keep accidents from happening. The biggest lesson he imparts is that individuals engage their brains. From the book Shean offers sage instruction:

“Now I am going to let you in on a secret; YOU are any firearms best safety. YOU are the master safety, you can NEVER trust a manmade safety on ANY firearm… do not think for a second that it gives you license to carelessly handle that firearm! Remember that #1 rule, TREAT EVERY FIREARM AS LOADED AT ALL TIMES…That has to be our mindset. Weapons’ safety is everyone’s responsibility, especially yours. Practice safe weapons’ handling until it becomes a habit.”

Other topics that are covered in “Gun Sense” include:

  • How to obtain a Massachusetts Class A or B License to Carry (LTC)
  • How to obtain a Massachusetts Class C Firearms Identification Card (FID)
  • If you need a “Reason” letter to get your firearms permit, how to write one…
  • How to write a recommendation for a colleague or friend
  • How to deal with firearms in an inheritance
  • Massachusetts Gun Law in general
  • Op-eds on rights and politics
  • And much much more….

The kindle version of the book is extensively cited with links internally and externally to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140, Code of Massachusetts Regulations 527 chapter 1 and other articles/resources for the reader to enjoy or gain a greater understanding. The paperback version contains the text version of links to direct readers should the wish to take their reading further on an internet-enabled device.

“Gun Sense” is available in both e-book & paperback form on Amazon. You can find it by searching “Mark Shean Sr. Gun Sense” orby following this link.

More information on Mark Shean, “Gun Sense”, firearms training and his contact information can be found on Mark’s homepage:

Go to And you will know why Biden felt no need to campaign…

If we don’t get this right/correct in this election, and follow to the letter, the Constitution, where it applies to the election process, we will effectively cease to be the United States under the rule of law.

It is not the media that picks a president in a Constitutional Republic, no matter how hard that the media beats the drum for their chosen candidate. Keep that in mind, this process has to play out and there are no ‘short cuts‘.

The Supreme Court will be duty bound, to follow to the letter, the Constitution in this vital process. There are numerous legal challenges about the integrity of votes and how they were cast in many states, votes that mathematically defies logic. This all has to be looked at, and can not be ignored. President Trump has the right under the Constitution to do so.

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As far as the media goes, have you ever heard of President Dewey in the 1950’s? Well neither have I , but when he ran against Truman the next day all the headlines were DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN…..

Even if you don’t understand how our Constitution is set up for elections, you should try to know a little bit about history and the non roll the media has in picking Presidents. By the way, Al Gore was proclaimed President for a few weeks by the media, how did that work out for him?….

2016-2020, and more to come!


President Trump Nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

Trump signs order Protecting Vulnerable Newborn and Infant Children

Trump signs order to lower Medicare drug prices for seniors

President Trump signs Hispanic Prosperity Initiative

Trump signs Great American Outdoors Act preserving and protecting our National Parks

Trump signs historic USMCA trade agreement

Trump Creates New Position Dedicated to Fighting Human Trafficking

Trump signs law giving Veterans smoother path to STEM careers

Senate confirms Trump’s 170th Federal Judge with even more to come

Trump signs bill restoring funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Trump signs bill that makes Extreme Animal Cruelty a Felony

Trump signs executive order protecting Medicare

Trump Signs Bill Protecting Disability Payments for Veterans Who Declare Bankruptcy

Trump signs 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund into law

Trump signs bill to fund Autism CARES Act

Trump meets Kim Jong Un at DMZ and becomes first sitting US President to enter North Korea

Trump signs measure aimed at Preventing Veteran Suicides

Trump signs Major public lands Conservation bill into law

Trump signs into law Genocide Prevention Act

Trump signs legislation enhancing US Leadership in Indo Pacific region

President Trump signs Ashanti Alert Act into law

Trump Signs $867B Bipartisan Farm Bill with Welfare Reform Work Requirements

Trump Signs Law Punishing Chinese Officials Who Restrict Access to Tibet

Production of Hemp to become Legal in all 50 States with Farm Bill passage

Trump Limits Asylum Migrants must come in Legally

Trump Signs New Hezbollah Sanctions Into Law

Trump signs Opioids Law at White House event

Trump signs bipartisan Water Infrastructure spending law

Trump signs the Music Modernization Act, the biggest change to copyright law in decades

Trump signs bills to Help Patients stop overpaying for Medicine

Trump signs law ending Gag Orders against Pharmacists sharing Money Saving information

Trump signs bill requiring Airports to provide spaces for Breastfeeding Moms

Trump signs Karis Law on the 50th Anniversary of 911

Trump signs order to keep Guantanamo Military Prison open

Trump signs proclamation directing troops to secure border

President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un sign ‘important document’ at Singapore summit

Trump signs law giving Border Patrol better Fentanyl detection tools

Trump signs law expanding Hate Crime protections to Religious Institutions

Trump signs technical education bill into law

Trump signs law to expand Childhood Cancer Research

Trump signs bill easing U.S. bank rules into law


Trump Cuts aid to Palestine

Trump signs law creating national historic park for Martin Luther King Jr.

Trump Signs Law Establishing US Space Force

Trump signs into law U.S. government ban on Kaspersky Lab software

Trump signs Russia sanctions bill into law

Donald Trump signs law aimed at cutting abortion funding

President Trump signs law declaring National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Trump Signs 3 Executive Actions on Crime Against Police, Drug Cartels


Trump signs Space policy directive

Trump signs First Step Act criminal justice reform into law

Trump signs Historic USMCA trade agreement replacing NAFTA

President Trump secures release of Pastor Brunson from Turkey

President Trump Approval Rating at 51 Percent

Justice Kavanaugh SWORN IN to Supreme Court

Trump Shrinks Government by 16000 Jobs since elected

US Cuts 300 Million In Aid To Pakistan

Trump Cut Off 200 Million in Aid to Palestinians

Trump ends 230 Million Dollar Rebuilding Payments to Syria

Trump has our soldiers remains returned home from Korean War

Trump signs Right to Try drug bill

US Embassy moved to Jerusalem by President Donald J Trump

Trump secures release of American Prisoners from North Korea

Trump Negotiates Peace between North and South Korea

Trump Signs Order Calling for Work Requirements for Welfare Programs

HISTORIC: Trump Nominates First Woman for Head of CIA

Feds collect record taxes in first month under Trump’s tax cuts; runs surplus in January

Trump signs sweeping two-year budget deal – MILITARY FUNDED

Trump proposes biggest civil service change in 40 years – ‘Hire the best and fire the worst’

Trump signs bipartisan bill to combat synthetic opioids

Trump Shrinks Federal Bureaucracy by 16000

President Trump set a record for lifetime appointed judges in 2017

Trump Signed 96 Laws In 2017

Trump Administration Set to Roll Back $900 Million in Obama-Era Offshore Drilling Regulations

Individual Mandate of Obamacare REPEALED

Senate Passes Historic Sweeping Tax Reform

Climate Change REMOVED from ‘Threat List’

Trump Admin is a Deregulation Machine: Eliminating 22:1

Trump signs $700 billion defense bill, gives troops largest pay raise in 7 years

New Space Policy Directive Calls for Human Expansion Across Solar System

Trump Declares Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Reform – 20% Corporate rate – Largest in 31 Years.

Trump Shuts Down CIA funding of Syrian Rebels

House Passes Tax Bill in Major Step Toward Overhaul

Senate Passes Budget Resolution Clearing the Way to pass Tax Reform with a Simple Majority

Trump’s HHS defines life as beginning at conception

President Trump Declassifies and Releases JFK Files


Four Months into FY 2018, Refugee Admissions Plunge to Lowest Level in 15 Years

US increases security screening measures for vetting refugees

US Delays Payment to UN for Palestinians

US Suspends $2 BILLION in security assistance to Pakistan

North Korea Designated as ‘State Sponor of Terrorism’

United States Announces a New Strategy on Iran

Trump Administration Announces ‘Extreme Vetting’ Plans

Trump cuts Obama’s refugee target in half, takes more Christians than Muslims

Trump: ‘We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values’

Trump administration abandons the Obama-era clean power plan aimed at reducing global warming

School Choice tops the list of Priorities U.S. Education Department Grants

Trump Signs Healthcare Order, Expands Choice and Access through associations

US and Israel withdraw from UNESCO citing “anti-Israel bias”

Treasury Deparment to target companies doing business with North Korea

Trump has signed 53 bills into law

New Order Indefinitely Bars Almost All Travel From Seven Countries

UN Security Council unanimously steps up sanctions against North Korea

Fewest Monthly Refugee Arrivals in August Since 2002

Trump to stop travel from countries that refuse to help Homeland Security

America has withdrawn almost $300 million in foreign aid to Egypt

Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Environmental Rules on Infrastructure

11,000 government jobs slashed under Trump – downsizing government

UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea

Senate confirms 65 Trump nominees for various positions

U.S. Small Business Administration opens assistance center

800 Obama regulations cut – Saved over $200 billion

EPA’s Pruitt moves to roll back over 30 environmental regulations in record time

Cut the White House budget – Saved taxpayers $22 million

Trump’s EPA To Repeal Obama’s ‘Waters Of The US’ Rule

Eliminated 1200 man hours of wasteful paperwork requirements including Y2K preparedness

President Trump Announces “Massive Permit Reform” Push

Trump Lays Out Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control System

Statement by President Trump on the Paris Climate Accord

Treasury to call for rolling back banking regulations

Trump orders a Voter Fraud Commission to investigate 2016 election

Fired corrupt and incompetent FBI Director James Comey

HHS to Rescind Birth Control Mandate in Obamacare

Appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion In Errors during Audit of Obama HUD

President Trump’s executive order will undo Obama’s Clean Power Plan rule

U.S. Will have Free but Fair and Balanced Trade: Mnuchin

Executive order to reduce operating costs of the Federal Government

Fired all 46 attorney generals hired by Obama

Tillerson to shutter war crimes focused State Dept. office: report

Gulf Dispute Mediated, Signs Antiterrorism Pact With Qatar

Canceled Obama Era special immigration program for foreign entrepreneurs

Critical milestone in the global fight against ISIS

Tightens Limits on Filling State Department Jobs

Report: Trump plans to cut foreign aid, merge State and USAID

US to make at least $285m cut to UN budget

It’s a bloodbath at the State Department

Purging the State Department of Obama loyalists

Fixing lobbying laws – 5 year lobbying ban on White House officials

Put a regulatory freeze on all federal agencies

Cutting regulations in government agencies (add 1, take out 2)

45th PRESIDENT of the United States of America, DONALD J. TRUMP


US GDP booms at 33.1% rate in Q3 beating expectations

President Trump announces $500B ‘Platinum Plan’ to increase capital, businesses and jobs for Black communities

1.4 million new jobs added in August, Unemployment has second largest decline on record

US housing surges over 22 percent in July

1.8 million new jobs added in July beating expectations for third straight month

Job Market Continues to Crush Expectations in 2020

Trump Secures Historic Phase One Trade Agreement with China

US Economy Added 266,000 New Jobs in November smashing expectations

Trump signs Agriculture and Digitial Trade agreements with Japan

African-American Unemployment Rate Hits New All Time Lows

U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to 50-Year Low; Trump Economy adding over 6.4 million jobs

US Economy Added 164,000 New Jobs in July; Wages increased 3.2 percent

Record 157,005,000 Employed; 19th Record of Trump Era

Boom! America Created 224,000 Jobs in June!

Best Economic Optimism in 16 years

480,000 Manufacturing Jobs added since President Trump’s election

US job openings rise outnumber the unemployed by 1 million

Economic Growth Has Reached 3 Percent for the First Time in More than a Decade

Opportunity Zones A New Dawn for Economic Opportunity

Unemployment Rate Falls to Lowest Level in Nearly 50 Years

Proclamation on Adjusting Imports of Steel into the United States


Trump Policies Keep Economic Boom Going As Job Gains of 304000 Surpass Expectations



Manufacturing Confidence at an ALL TIME HIGH

Construction Jobs up more than 300K compared to last year

Food Stamp usage declines for 8 straight months

Middle Class income rises to HIGHEST on record

Consumer Confidence 18 YEAR HIGH

America is now the worlds largest oil producer

Fastest growing pace in 14 years for manufacturers


Jobless claims lowest level since 1969

Trump secures 2026 World Cup for the USA

Consumer Confidence Highest in 18 years

Black Business Ownership Under Trump JUMPS 400 PERCENT in ONE YEAR

Youth Unemployment Hits 52 Year Low

Black Support for Trump DOUBLES to 29 percent

RECORD Number of Employed – 63 Percent labor participation

Worker pay rate hits highest level since 2008

Black and Hispanic Unemployment rates hit record low in April

Business Investments up 39 Percent Due to Tax Cuts

Food Stamp Usage Drops Half Million in Single Month

Highest Ever Manufacturer Optimism over 94 Percent

Unemployment claims have fallen to a 45-year low

Trump Economy Explodes Record Number of Americans Employed Stocks Soar


GREAT AGAIN Household Net Worth Pushes Further Into Record Territory

U.S. Consumer Confidence Is at 17-Year High

US homebuilding permits soar to highest level since 2007

Economy to grow at 5.4% rate in first quarter

Roaring: Economic Optimism Index hits 13-year high, credit to tax cuts

U.S. jobless claims drop to near 45-year low

Wages jump to highest level since 2009 – up 2.9%

U.S. Oil Production Tops 10 Million Barrels A Day, First Time Since 1970

Trump Decreases Debt to GDP Ratio – First Time in Over 50 Years!

Jobless claims drop to lowest level in nearly 45 years

Apple to Invest $350 BILLION in US citing Trump Tax Plan

Utilities cutting rates, cite benefits of Trump tax reform

Over 100 companies giving ‘Trump Bonuses’ after tax victory

Black unemployment rate falls to record low

Trump adds 184,000 manufacturing jobs and continues growth trend

Manufacturing in the U.S. Just Accelerated to Its Best Year Since 2004

Trump Signs Korean Trade Deal

Trump Blocks Chinese Purchase of Qualcomm due to National Security


Trump Slaps 30% Tariffs on Solar Panels imported from China

Japan Freezes North Korea’s Assets after Trump’s Visit

U.S. Trade Deficit falls to 11-month low

Trump Fights for ‘America First’ as 4th Round of NAFTA Negotiations End

Crude Oil Shipment to India Highlights Expanding Energy Partnership

Trump Blocks China from buying Semi-Conductor company, Lattice

Crude oil shipment from Texas opens new vistas in India-U.S. ties

Argentina agrees to allow first U.S. pork imports in 25 years

Trump orders probe of China’s intellectual property practices

New memorandum to protect American IPs from China – Potentially save Billions of dollars and millions in jobs

Coal exports up 60%

China opens rice market for US exports for first time ever

U.S. makes final finding rebar exports from Taiwan

Renegotiating NAFTA with Canada and Mexico in order to make better trade deals – May terminate

United States and Mexico finalize sugar trade deal

First U.S. Natural Gas Shipped to Poland

Signed an Arms Deal worth more than $350 billion and various other investment agreements with Saudi Arabia

China, U.S. reach trade agreement on beef, poultry and natural gas

Trump orders a study on abuses of U.S. trade agreements – WTO

Trump slaps tariffs on Canadian lumber imports

Increased tariffs on Canadian lumber by 20% (worth $1 billion)

China buys more U.S. coal, sends North Korea

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) TERMINATED

Nikki Haley negotiates $285M cut in ‘bloated’ UN budget

WIC Welfare Participation Hits 17-Year Low

U.S. home sales hit 11-year high

Manufacturing Optimism Reaches Another All-Time High – 94.6%

Economy adds 228K jobs in November

Mining up 28.6% – Leads the Nation in Growth

Broadcom will move back to U.S. — and bring tax money with it

US private sector added 235,000 jobs in Oct – Beats Expectations

Consumer confidence highest level since December 2000

Q3 GDP at 3 Percent – Beats Expectations

Ivanka Trump creates new World Bank initiative to foster Entrepreneurship among Women

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Surges to 13-Year High

63.1%: Participation Rate Reaches Trump-Era High

Unemployment down to 4.2, wages rise .5%

New entrants from outside the labor market made up 3.2

U.S. Factories Expanding at 13 Year high

Dow posting first eight-quarter winning streak in 20 years

Home builder confidence at 12-year high

Manufacturer confidence at a 20-year high

Tech giants pledge millions to Trump initiative

Q2 GDP up 3.1%

Sales of new U.S. homes rebounded in August

Federal Reserve: Household Wealth in America at record high of $1.7 trillion – Rising property values and Financial gain

Surging stock market powers U.S. wealth to $96.2 trillion

Food Stamp Usage Has Fallen Every Month Under Trump

Median Incomes Climbing for First Time Since 2007

Trump has signed a $15 billion relief package for Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

Jobless claims drop to 240,000 – hottest streak in 43 years

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rose in August

Recovery Is Finally Trickling Down to Least-Educated Workers

U.S. Job Satisfaction Highest Level Since 2005

American manufacturing expanded in August at fastest pace in six years

Donald Trump Ends Obama Effort to Waive Work Requirements for Welfare

Consumer confidence strengthens in August, second-highest level since late 2000

President Trump Cuts More US Debt for a Longer Period of Time Than Any President

Pennsylvania coal company to open a SECOND coal mine

Summer Youth Unemployment Falls, Level Since 1969

In Trump era, American corporations are seeing their best earnings in 13 years

US trade deficit narrows as exports hit 2-1/2-year high

Milestone for Trump: 1 million new jobs in six months

National unemployment rate at 4.3% (lowest it’s been in 16 years)

13,000 jobs being created in WI – largest job announcement in WI history (Foxconn)

Black Unemployment, Lowest Level in 17 Years

Gas prices at a 12-year low

Some states are experiencing their lowest unemployment rates in their histories

Trump Announces $200 Million in Apprenticeship Funding

U.S. has record 6 million job openings, 6.8 million Americans are looking for jobs

CEO confidence highest since 2014

U.S. jobless rate falls to lowest level in 16 years

Trump signs bills that helps Veterans and Police officers by giving them Priority and Training

Government spending as percentage of GDP down

1000s of jobs being created through pact with Saudi Arabia

Executive Order on the Establishment of the American Technology Council

USA’s small business confidence is spurring a hiring and spending spree

Alibaba Takes First Step To Fulfilling Jack Ma And President Trump’s ‘One Million U.S. Jobs’ Promise

Slashing job-killing regulations left and right

Creating thousands of more jobs for immigration officers and border patrol

Signed a resolution encouraging women in entrepreneurship and STEM

Executive ordered all federal agencies to create task forces to cut regulations that hurt the economy

US Manufacturing Index at a 33-year high

Coal Miners are WINNING. Cut Regulations/Create Jobs/New Plant

US Economic Confidence Surges To Highest Level Ever Recorded By Gallup

National Security

President Trump brokered Historic Peace Deal between Israel and Sudan

US Marshals announce Rescue of More than 1,300 Missing Children

Trump signs order advancing growth of Domestic Mineral Mining and Processing

AG Barr announces $100M more to combat human trafficking

President Trump brokered Historic Peace Deal between Israel and Kingdom of Bahrain

President Trump brokered Historic Peace Deal between Israel and United Arab Emirates

President Trump brokered Economic Normalization between Serbia and Kosovo

70 million boxes of food distributed by Farmers to Families Food Box Program

Trump signs order improving Telehealth access for Rural Americans

Trump orders purge of ‘Critical Race Theory’ from Federal Agencies

Trump forgives $750 million in Student Loans for Disabled Vets

President Trump signs order increasing American production of Essential Medical Supplies

Trump secures critical funding for the Border Wall

The United States Has Brought the Leader of ISIS to Justice

Executive Order on Modernizing Sanctions to Combat Terrorism

Orders Additional Measures to Enhance Border Security

The United States has Liberated All ISIS-Controlled Territory

Trump signs order directing an increase in Cyber Security

Combating High Nonimmigrant Overstay Rates

ICE arrests 364 criminal aliens and immigration violators in enforcement surge

US signs proclamation against Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting

DHS is planning on denying green cards to legal immigrants if they receive federal or state aid

ICE raid hits 77 businesses in Northern California

End of Year Report: Deportations up 40% – Historically Low Crossings

DHS: Announces New Procedures for Refugee Admissions

DACA Renewals Drop 21%

30-foot concrete slab prototypes erected along border

ICE has conducted a MASSIVE raid on sanctuary cities this week – 498 illegal immigrants arrested

Trump has updated the travel ban to includes 8 more countries

Crossing The Border Illegally Is Harder Than It’s Been In 50 Years

Withholding Federal Funds from Sanctuary Cities – Must allow ICE access to jails and notify befor release

VA announces Access Standards for Health Care

Trump signs VA Mission Act

Enhancing Veteran Care Act

VA seeks partnerships to build and improve health-care facilities

VA announces Veterans Coordinated Access & Rewarding Experiences Act

VA, Ginnie Mae create task force to address mortgage refinancing issues

Telemedicine: An important tool for Veterans health

Trump Signs Bill to Streamline VA Disability Claims Appeals Process

Trump signs ‘Forever GI Bill,’ boosting aid to student vets

VA expands Tele-Health access

VA fires more than 500 feds under Trump, even before new accountability law

Trump signs VA accountability act into law, promises better care for veterans

Trump Administration Streamlines Veteran Medical Records

White House to launch veterans’ complaint hotline

Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at VA

$1.6 billion down payment to start building the wall

Trump cuts off visas for countries that refuse deported immigrants

Rescinded DACA

Extreme Vetting’ for some green cards

Deportation orders up 31% nationwide under Trump

Deportation Orders Up 30%

Miami has removed its “sanctuary” status

ICE raids targeting families net 650 arrests

Denver To ICE: Stop Arresting Illegal Immigrants At Courthouse. ICE To Denver: Not A Chance.

17 Texas sheriffs approved to partner w/ICE

ICE chief wants smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary cities

New crackdown on ‘so-called’ sanctuary cities

Army Corps starts pre-construction work on border wall

Deportations in LA are up 60% alone

80% jump in illegal targets

Feds taking over Texas National Guard mission along border

Border Patrol Morale at Highest Level

Christian refugees admitted now outnumber Muslim refugees admitted

Bill allocates $1.6 billion for Trump’s border wall

ICE crackdown scaring some families back to Mexico

House passes Kate’s Law – harsher penalties for previously deported criminals

Number of refugees taken in is down 50%

Rescinded DAPA

Workers install final panel in upgrade of border fence

Raids turn Oregon city into ghost town

Ended “Catch and Release” immigration policy

Silicon Valley Staffing Firm Charged in H1B Fraud

Unshackling ICE – told that they can take action against ALL illegal immigrants – increasing presence in sanctuary cities

Trump signs new defense policy bill that rebuilds military, boosts troop pay

Top 5 ISIS Leaders Captured

Trump signs order to keep Guantanamo Bay prison open

US kills 150 ISIS terrorists in Syria airstrike during government shutdown

ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory – due to Trump admin

Pentagon Announces First-Ever Audit of the Department of Defense

U.S.-Backed Forces Capture Raqqa from ISIS

ISIS facing imminent collapse in Syria’s Raqqa

US-backed fighters ‘seize 80% of Raqqa from Islamic State’

Trump calls for Increased Military: Senate passes $700 billion defense bill

Vows US support for Ukraine against Russian ‘aggression’

U.S. Cyber Command will be elevated to a “Unified Combatant Command”

U.S. cash withheld from key Pakistani military fund

Mosul liberated from ISIS

‘Annihilation Tactics’ Being Used Against ISIS

US, Gulf countries form new group: ‘TFTC’ to stem flow of terror financing

NATO weighs new ‘Counter Terrorism Post’ following Trump’s demands

ISIS leader ‘admits DEFEAT in Iraq and orders militants to flee

Mattis Gives White House Tentative Plan for Rapid Defeat of ISIS

James Mattis threatens to ‘moderate’ US backing for Nato over budgets

Trump DOJ Sues California For Interference With Immigration Enforcement

DOJ Halts Obama’s Operation Chokepoint, Which Targeted Firearm Dealers

More than 1,000 arrests in sex trafficking operation

Four charged with leaks from Trump administration

New crackdown on ‘so-called’ sanctuary cities

Justice Department announces takedown of AlphaBay, the largest dark web market

400 medical professionals charged in largest health care fraud takedown

The Department of Justice Stands by Texas’s Voter ID Law

Charges: Sex traffickers took hundreds from Thailand to US

Sex Trafficking Arrests Soar Under Trump; MSM Completely Ignores

DHS is planning on denying green cards to legal immigrants if they receive federal or state aid

Trump takes ‘shackles’ off ICE, which is slapping them on immigrants who thought they were safe

ICE raid hits 77 businesses in Northern California

End of Year Report: Deportations up 40% – Historically Low Crossings

DHS: Announces New Procedures for Refugee Admissions